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Creative Service Design Freelancer from Malaysia

Solution to Your Business Pain Points

With an emphasis on UI / UX user interface design into your brand digital collaterals.

When You Have a Budget

Knowing your budget doesn’t mean we’ll try to cheat you. To be clear, we’re providing our opinions and suggestions on how to best utilise your budget and get the most of your investment. Also helps you see what can be done for less, and then what can be done more; by figuring out what is important for the project and what is just a “nice to have.” Having a budget goes a long way to making sure that we don’t all waste each other’s time and use it as a decision-making tool.

Don’t have a budget?

How about we work up a rough estimate and we’ll go from there. If out rough estimate meets your expectations, then we can proceed to a full proposal. Asking us for a rough estimate without any specifics about your business or the scope of your project is impossible.

  1. Project Purpose
  2. Requirements
  3. Problems you are currently facing

Efficiency. Value.
Quality Assurance

With clear communication, dependable follow-through, and a strong sense of responsibility, our business will be your business partner. Whether you are looking for a little help with your marketing, or want to revamp your website, we can help you get started.

Software Used

  1. Dropbox (File Sharing)
  2. senangPay (Pay with FPX/Credit/Debit Card, Pay by installation)
  3. JotForm (Web Form)
  4. ProjectHuddle (Website On-Screen Feedback)
  5. Flowlu (Project Management)
  6. Zoom (Online Meeting)
  7. TeamViewer (Remote Control)
  8. Getscreen.me (Remote Control)



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Everything Done in One Place

Solutions That Are Tailored to Meet Your Budget Needs
  • Logo & Branding
  • Digital Marketing
  • Product Design
  • Web Development
  • Web Maintenance
  • Managed Hosting

How Projects Are Managed

Discover how I handle projects


Includes Contract, Dropbox file storage and invoicing.

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Project Management

Client portal access to view project progression.


Premium Plugins

Save extra cost with over 100+ WordPress themes and plugins.


Remote Desktop Support

Instant. From a web browser with Getscreen.me.

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Immediate Responds

Get a reply from me on WhatsApp the same day, everyday.

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Solutions are provided in documentation and guides.

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