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Google UX Design

047 Time Is Money


from RM120/hour

008 Budget


from RM3,000

006 Art


No outsourcing

Design Kpi
Design Kpi

Time on task

Average time taken to complete one task over total time to complete all tasks. 

Task success rate

Number of correctly completed tasks over total attempts measures user task completion rate. 78% is a good completion rate.


Find out if users can get to the right page and find the information they're looking for.

Conversion Rate

Measure whether users take a desired action on your website. How a website communicates its value proposition and encourages users to complete page goals.

Measure Design Success with KPI Metrics

Create valuable, grow conversions, and cost-effective designs based on expected ROI and available budget. Grow conversions and create cost-effective designs based on ROI and budget.

Hear what my clients say

Collecting real reviews has become much easier thanks to Google Review.

Managing client expectations

Being clear about how my studio policy works.

These might be obvious to some, but I would still like to make sure my customers understand what to expect from me. My passion is to help you grow your business. There's nothing more satisfying than connecting with my clients and creating valuable positive work I can be proud of.

002 Agenda

You can get a realistic quote

When you have a budget, I can outline the list of things I offer while staying within that budget.

014 Deal

Do your part so I can do mine

Deliver finished content in final version and materials on time to avoid extra fees on delays and correcting your errors

048 Time

Extra request for idea or favour = $

In order to honour my paying clients and manage my time. There are no unpaid new requests or favours available.

036 Processing

I have a fixed SOP to follow

You have to follow the process and accept that I cannot work according to your preferences.

020 File Sharing

Brand Asset Management

Centrally manage all branded digital files and content for internal teams to adapt, edit, and update as necessary.

022 Mobile Chat

Communicate through text

I prefer to keep discussions in writing so that I can refer to them while working on your project and ensure I don't miss anything.


Preferred tools I've been developing to help me streamline my creative process.

canva pro
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envato elements
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