I'm Yano.

A solo-freelancer based in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia as a creative consultant who is committed to providing only high-quality design work, ensuring that my clients receive the best possible outcome for their projects. I prioritize clear communication, realistic timely delivery, and a flexible approach to collaboration, making it easy and stress-free to bring your vision to life.

Company: MissYano Creative (JM0941455-X)
SST No: B16-2305-32100004
MSIC Code: 74102

workstation missyano x

PC Hardware

CPU: Intel i7-12700F
GPU: RTX3080 Trinity OC 10GB
SSD: Samsung 970 EVO Plus 2TB
RAM: HyperXFury 3600Mhz 64GB


Are you a freelancer or an agency?

A freelancer.

What's your availability?

At the moment, I am only taking on new clients with projects that have a minimum budget of RM3,000, a project brief and materials ready.

Which clients would be the best fit for your service?

Clients who match the following:-

  1. Need a designer with the skill and creativity to independently create design solutions, without needing step-by-step direction.
  2. Value quality over low costs and are willing to invest in superior design work.
  3. Need designers who are capable of managing their time and resources effectively.
  4. Prefer written communication (text messages instead of call) for clear accountability.
Toold I used

I utilize a diverse range of tools and technologies to deliver top-notch freelance services. 

Updated on 13th November 2023

  1. Adobe Creative Cloud
  2. Albato
  3. Better Sheets
  4. Better Uptime
  5. Bit Integrations
  6. Burst - Video CMS & UGC Platform
  7. Canva Pro
  8. Coolors
  9. Copysmith
  10. Dash Rewriter
  11. DocPro
  12. Dowork.ai
  13. Dropbox
  14. ElementsKit - Agency License
  15. Envato Elements
  16. EWWW Image Optimizer - Agency License
  17. Figma
  18. Flaticons
  19. Flowlu
  20. Freepik
  21. Getscreen.me
  22. Hide My WP Ghost by Squirrly - Agency License
  23. Jotform
  24. Komodo Decks
  25. LastPass
  26. Lumen5
  27. MarketMuse
  28. Oviond
  29. Pabbly Connect
  30. Pixelied
  31. Project.co
  32. Quillbot
  33. Re:plain Chat - Agency License
  34. RelayThat
  35. Rytr
  36. Screpy
  37. Shortpixel - Agency License
  38. SiteGuru
  39. Socialmonials
  40. Squirrly SEO - Agency License
  41. SuiteDash
  42. TidyCal
  43. Waybook
  44. WooLentor - Agency License
  45. WP Reset - Agency License
  46. Writesonic