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Website SEO 101: Five Easy Steps

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Basic SEO is a beginner’s guide to setting up your site so it’s SEO friendly. If you’re starting a new website and want to make sure that you’re doing it right, follow these easy steps. The steps are all super easy, and you’ll be done before you know it. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) which is one of the toughest things for some of us. Like the example of a successful eCommerce relies on its power to utilize SEO.

IMPORTANT TO KNOW: SEO is not a short-term thing, because Google algorithms are constantly changing, frequent changing of new strategies and ideas with constant quality work are required to remain high in ranking. Same goes for seeing SEO results, and average would take at least six (6) months before you could see actual results/improvement. Basic SEO consists of very simple tasks that can be completed quickly by anyone, really.

The following are the five Basic SEO steps to make your site friendly for search engines.

1. Do not try to insert keyword in every section.

❌ Do not spam keywords in each section
✅ Make sure your website’s content has proper sentences with keywords and phrases that people can use to find your site through search engines.
✅ An easy-to-understand description that includes the keyword—no jargon please!
✅Include keywords in Page Title, Meta Description, Permalinks, Content and Images (alt-tags).

2. Change to Post Name  Permalinks

✅ www.example.com/shipping-fee 

Go to WordPress Dashboard [Settings] – [Permalinks] – Select [Permalinks Structure: Post Name]

Example: Instead of having a website URL that can be easily identified or searched through.
Don’t forget to refresh the cache to update your permalinks; otherwise, your site navigation may go wrong!

3. Avoid duplicate content

❌ Avoid repeating the same content on several pages you’ll receive an penalty that will negatively impact your SEO ranking.
✅ Write something meaningful that can be useful for your visitors to know.

4. Rename image file name

❌ image00011.png
✅ missyano-logo.png

Change the name of your image to something that even you can tell what it is.
Google has no idea how to read images, and we have no idea what to search for if the images we’re looking for are some gibberish word.

5. Include social media links

Link your social media profile to your website because shared content can increase the number of viewers which will then drives more traffic to your website.

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