Why is there a minimum budget to start a project?

Due to limited availability, new customers are only required to pay the minimum budget once for their first project. The minimum budget rule does not apply to existing customers.

How do I get in touch with you?

Book a discovery call and provide more details of your project. Note: A discovery call is to figure out if we could work together. It's like a quick chat to see if your needs match what I can offer, hence asking for simple favour, free advices or request for sample referencing your project is not possible in this session.

How does fixed-based pricing work?

In fixed-based pricing, the scope is predefined, and project materials are readied before commencement. Careful consideration and confirmation of the project scope are crucial as subsequently requested new changes or additions not mentioned in the brief will incur separate billing.

Can I get a discount?

While I typically don't offer discounts to first-time customers, I'm committed to delivering exceptional value for the price. If there's a specific budget you're working with, let's discuss how I can best meet your needs within that.

Can you follow my design?

Unfortunately, I do not conduct my profession in a way that permits clients to direct the design process, similar to how a patient wouldn't instruct a surgeon on how to perform a surgical operation.

What sets you apart from other freelancers?

I will only work on projects that need my expertise and problem solving skills, usually for clients who value quality over finding cheap prices and are looking for a designer who has the mindset of "building the right thing, building the thing right, and running it right." 

Will you do everything yourself, or will you hire someone to do it?

I will be doing everything myself from the design, development, web maintenance, project management and technical support.

Why do you need to know my budget?

Having a budget in place will enable me to provide you with a realistic and feasible estimate that aligns with your financial needs while also streamlining the process. It also helps you see what can be done for less, and then what can be done more, by figuring out what is important for the project and what is just a "nice to have. A good design is an investment, not a cost. 

Are the working files (AI,PSD) provided as part of the package?

No, the price you pay is for the end product, not the tools used to make it. Just as when you dine in a restaurant, you pay for the food itself, not the recipe behind its creation. Should you require the inclusion of working files, such as original design files, layered elements, and editable formats, please note that a separate licensing fee will be applicable.


When will you start working on my project?

I will start working once all the necessary materials have been provided on your end. Design will only begin after the planning phase.

How long will it take you to compete a basic website?

Time frame below shows how long it would take to finish a simple website without any custom code, assuming that there are no delays from clients.

CMS Website: 1-3 weeks
eCommerce: 2-6 weeks

How do we communicate during project?

In writing (text messages). All discussions, agreements, and decisions will be written down to hold parties accountable and avoid misunderstandings.

At what point does the deadline countdown begin?

Deadline for the project will start counting only after I have received all the necessary materials and requirements from your end.

Will I have the ownership once website is done?

Yes, you will have full control of your website after final payment is received.