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How does your pricing work?
  1. By hourly rate is when the scope can't be set and will change during development.
  2. By project budget is when you have a fixed project requirements and deliverables without accepting change during development.

Find out more how each pricing strategy works and requirements and discover why and how rates are different for every freelancer.


Can I request for discount?

I’m sorry to say that I don’t offer discounts. ​I believe that my service offers better quality and value for your money.​


What payment term is available?
  1. Full payment
  2. 50% upfront payment
  3. Instalment plan



How do I communicate with you if we work together?

I prefer to keep conversations in writing (text) so that I can better understand them or refer back to them as I work on your request to ensure that I don't forget anything. During the onboarding session, guidelines and information will be provided. Micromanagement is not required, and project progress can be tracked in the Client Portal.


How long would I expect a response from you?

Within the same day. Remember to provide the necessary information so I can assist you.

Do you outsource your projects?

No, all projects in hand are entirely completed by me.


How do you measure design success?

We refine your project objectives, metrics, and key performance indicators (KPI) to your desired return on investment and budget.



What is a project management?

It is a set of documents that outline the how, when and what-ifs of a project's execution.


When to use traditional or agile project management?

Project Management Comparison Missyano

Traditional: Planning should be completed before the development starts with clearly defined requirements and would not change in the development stage. The risks are well-known from the preparation stage.

Agile: Flexible and adapt to changes easily based on customers' needs and expectations. Planning is required in the pre-development process. Does not have clear requirements and change is expected in the development process. While unknown risks may occur at any stage of project developement.


Is there extra charges for revision round?

ONLY IF all changes or additions that are not the fault of the designer or the designer's representative will be charged as a separate and additional change.


Will I be involved in the project development?
  • If using traditional project management: No, you won't be involved.
  • If using agile project management: Yes, you will be involved during the development phase.