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How to Prepare Content

How to Prepare Content

File submission

File format: Microsoft Word (.doc, .docs).
Content must be copy/paste ready to be reproduced without further preparation required by the designer.
Check overall consistency in spelling, fonts, page numbers, headings, line spacing, and numbers referring to references, contents, and diagram lists, among other things, throughout the work. 
Content does not have empty line breaks or whitespaces.
Content is free of typographical, grammatical mistakes, misspellings (following whichever convention is decided on) and errors in text.

a) Check spelling and word choice confusions

Confusions between homophones (e.g. there/they’re/their).
Misuse of definite and indefinite articles (the/a/an).
Misuse of prepositions.

b) Check misplaced punctuation

Missing or misused commas.
Confusion between hyphens, em dashes and en dashes.
Incorrect use of apostrophes.

c) Check stylistic inconsistency

Switching between UK and US conventions.
Inconsistent capitalization of terms or titles.
Inconsistent treatment of numbers.

d) Check formatting issues

Incorrect formatting of quotations and citations.
Inconsistent paragraph indentation and spacing.
Missing or misplaced page numbers, headers and footers.