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Web Development Training for Clients

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When will client training start?

After website development is complete and before launch.

It’s a good idea to have each staff member complete the activities on their own during training. This guarantees that they have a thorough understanding of how to carry out the duties at hand. It’s also good practice. For each individual that needs to be trained for a website launch, the more time is needed to budget.

The checklist below is for the client to plan ahead for client training.

Think about the number of staff that would need backend access then provide their email address and which role to assign them on. (if you're not quite sure which role to assign them, you can describe the permission you want them to have instead) 
Is there any kind of user role restriction? For example, the editor does not have access to store orders; only the shop manager does.
How familiar is the staff with the WordPress backend? Do I need to go over the fundamentals or can I skip them?
What process do you want to know? e.g. How to process incoming orders.
Which email to receive notification from the website? E.g. New update available.

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