No-refund Policy

Client agree to a no-refund policy in advance. Purchases of third-party plugins/software/tools, domain registration, web hosting service costs, renewal fees, any applicable setup fees, and problems resulting from client modifications are non-refundable. If the design process (including preliminary research and planning) has already begun before Client decides to cancel the contract for any reason other than the designer’s fault, the deposit is nonrefundable. Any cancellations due to a change of mind will not be accepted. We reserve the right to reject any cancellation, refund that deemed unfit or unreasonable.

Refunds & chargebacks

Chargeback Terms. It may take as long as (2) two to (3) three months to complete the full lifecycle of a dispute. There is absolutely nothing that a company can do to reliably cut down on the duration of this time frame. More info.

Refund Terms. Customers will be subjected to a service charge fee of 1.5% for Credit and Debit card from the total amount requested. Refund process by senangPay takes about (3) three weeks and (3) three days for bank to approve applications. More info.

Chargeback Terms. senangPay shall process the chargeback received provided that the chargeback complies with the rule imposed by the Card Associations (not including for any transaction by fraud, quality of goods and/or services provided by merchant, failure by merchant with its internal process and non-compliance with the procedure). Chargeback timeline takes about 45-180 days. More info.

Chargeback 45 days
Representment Within 45 calendar days of the chargeback settlement date
2nd Chargeback/ Pre-Arbitration Within 45 calendar days of the representment settlement date
Arbitration Case Filing 45 calendar days from the last applicable chargeback cycle