Beginner’s Email Marketing

email marketing
  1. What do you need to start an email marketing programme?
    • A method for collecting people’s email addresses.
  2. What is the feature that is required for email marketing platforms?
    • An option available for users to unsubscribe from your emails.
  3. How to determine a best subject line when sending emails?
    • By running an A/B test on your subject line.
  4. How to fix low open rate for emails?
    • By adjusting the subject line of your email.
  5. What is not needed in email marketing?
    • There’s no need to use sponsored ads within your email marketing.

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Email Marketing Design

Email Width

Recommended 600px
Alternative 640px (max 750px)

Email Height

Recommended important detail first at 350px 
Alternative up to 3,000px

Header Width

Recommended up to 150 – 200 px
Alternative up to 300 px


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