The Top 5 Freelancer Tools to Boost Your Business

Working as a freelancer presents exciting challenges. You are your own boss, set your own hours, and work wherever you please. As such, it can be easy to lose sight of business-related tasks. However, in order to thrive as a freelancer and make it easier to support yourself with this career long-term, it’s important to remain organized.

This includes establishing processes for tracking time and expenses, finding new clients, staying up-to-date on industry trends, and more. It can be daunting to tackle these challenges head on as a freelancer—especially when you’re already juggling projects from various clients and working from home. Luckily, there are plenty of tools available that can help streamline the freelance process so that you stay organized and productive at all times.




Flowlu project management software has been designed to meet the needs of freelancers who often find themselves working on multiple projects at the same time.

It has features like task management, collaboration, communication, and reporting, all of which are important for your business to run smoothly. While cutting down on the time it takes to manually initiate a project, you can also offer a client onboarding procedure.

Free Plan Includes

✅ Unlimited Projects & Tasks
✅ Unlimited Contacts
✅ CRM Automation
✅ Invoicing & Online Payments
✅ Expense Tracking
✅ 1 Project Template
✅ 1 Knowledge Base



typedesk is a smart canned response software. You can create a template like a fill in the blank form and user variables, dropdown options and other formats. Typedesk works with on any application or software you are own. 

Personalizing a reply can be time-consuming. Not anymore with typedesk Variables! 


Dropbox: For many freelancers, the greatest challenge is collecting and sharing files in the hopes that they won’t need to be sent multiple times, getting lost in the number of revisions, or being unsure which files are the most recent updated versions. You can always get your files anyway, anytime through mobile app or browser.

✅ Request for file 
✅ Sync files real-time
✅ View history of changes made
✅ File can be retrieved immediately without asking for it
✅ There is no need to save any files or data in a USB; everything is ready to go. To access your files, you need only log into Dropbox using the desktop or mobile app.

Pabbly Connect is a platform that acts as an alternative to Zapier and Integromat and helps you automate all of the integrations and tasks that you need to perform between multiple applications.

What I use Pabbly Connect for? Specifically, I employ it to facilitate communication between JotForm and Flowlu  to automate user details given in Jotform, check by email to see if it already exists in Flowlu, and if not, assist in the creation of a new CRM contact.

Also, set up an automated system to send clients emails informing them of the current status of their tasks, so that I won’t have to worry about clients becoming anxious about their project progression.

I’m pretty sure that every one of us has had the thought, “It ought to be fine to do it manually since it’s going to take like what,” at some point in our lives. 5 minutes? and then you realize, oh boy, administrative work really goes chop chop chop your time away. *sniffs*



Shift is a shift management tool designed to help teams organize their work schedules. While the tool is helpful for a variety of industries and businesses, it can also be useful for freelancers.

Ideal for situations in which the frequent logging in and out of multiple accounts has become too much to bear. Especially when working with multiple agencies at the same time, the amount of account delegation and tool use for different clients can be overwhelming. 

Shift enables you to maintain your concentration on the task at hand and complete it in a more organized fashion, thereby increasing your overall productivity. In addition, the tool includes features that allow you to communicate with your team members and track time, which can help you stay on top of your tasks and easily record your hours.

✅ For independent contractors who are having trouble keeping everything straight, Shift’s consolidated approach to digital marketing could be a lifesaver.